Contests and Deals

Persons or parties eligible for the Contest mentioned here must first receive a message directly from Copypedia related to some kind of content use (ex.: unauthorized use of copyrighted material).  If you are not the recipient of such a message, you are not eligible however contact us if you are interested in participating.  The message will generally be in the form of:

"Hey [Name] - make a complete report of this use on within the specified window of time and receive the Gift amount indicated - see for details."

[the message may be truncated in some manner, but will be close to the above] To receive the Gift amount, your complete Report must meet the following guidelines:
  1. You must login to Copypedia with the same social media account you received the direct message from.
  2. The Report must be a complete report, meaning all applicable fields must have the requisite information provided, including who you are, what your material is, upload or creation of a ‘screenshot’, and a statement regarding the use (can be a short sentence).
  3. Once your Report is finished and posted, let us know by emailing:
  4. In the email include reference to your social media handle for our verification, and let us also know what your gift preference is: your choice of a Gift amount in the form of cash via Paypal or e-gift card (Amazon or Starbucks).
  5. The Report must comply with the Copypedia TOS, which may be viewed here.

Thank You and Good Luck!