What is copypedia.com?

Founded in 2014, Copypedia LLC and Copypedia.com provide a new and unique medium for the collection of information related to creative works, and the use of those works. This medium includes the ability for our users to give or receive recognition and credit for the use of creative works, as well as the ability for users to identify parties that use creative works without authorization.

What is a Copypedia Report?

A Copypedia Report is a user-created and published report detailing the authorized or unauthorized use of original and/or creative works.

Why am I on or discussed in a Copypedia Report?

If you or your company are mentioned in a Copypedia Report, it is most likely because you are (or were) using a creative work (e.g., images) that is owned by another (e.g., an artist).

How do I delete or remove a Copypedia Report?

Generally, a Report is not deleted or removed. However, you might consider contacting the Content Owner or the Page Owner (i.e., the person that created the Report) to see if there is an available opportunity for resolution. Reports pages provide a 'Contact Owner' option.

How do I make or create a Copypedia Report?

You do not have to be a registered user to create and submit a Copypedia Report; however, if you are not a registered user you must be logged in with either a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account. The Report you create and publish is required to comply with the Copypedia.com Terms of Service. You can view example Reports here.

Can I make a Copypedia Report about anything?

Copypedia strives to provide accountability between content users and content creators/owners. The Report should contain true and accurate information relevant to identify the created work and those using it (be it authorized or unauthorized), including where it might be legitimately located or viewed online. An accurate Report builds reputation and credibility. However, Copypedia.com is not a consumer complaint website. If you want to make a complaint, there are various organizations and websites (e.g., BBB, etc.) available for you to do so.

How do I edit a Copypedia Report?

Only the Page Owner can edit the Report, although the edit function of a published page is limited to the Page Owner statement.

I resolved my use – now what?

Although not required, the Page Owner may change the use from 'Unauthorized' to 'Authorized' or edit their 'Statement'.

How do I access the Tools? Coming Soon..

Coming Soon.

What is a 'copyright' and how do I know if I own it?

In general, an original and authored expression of an idea (e.g., painting, photo, song, performance, etc.) reduced to a tangible medium for some amount of duration receives protection from copyright and related laws. The exclusive rights associated with copyright typically vest with the author.

What is 'infringement' or 'unauthorized use'?

In general, material or content becomes the subject matter of copyright if it is: authored, original, and reduced to a tangible medium. Once material or content is copyrighted by an author it is the subject of various exclusive rights, including reproduction or distribution. Acting in violation of one of these exclusive rights, such as failing to obtain proper permission before using it, may be an act of infringement. Infringement is a legislative term ultimately interpreted by a judicial body. Infringement may occur if someone owns a copyright in a work, and the work is copied in some manner without permission. Unauthorized use of a work is failing to obtain permission to copy or use the work from the owner of the copyright.

What is 'fair use'?

In its most general sense, fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. See more at: http://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/what-is-fair-use/#sthash.tsF0Lpjq.dpuf